Books available to members in the Portneuf Valley Pony Club library:

  • Progressive School Exercises for Dressage & Jumping by Islay Auty BA, FBHS
  • The Manual of Horsemanship (British)
  • Equestrian Land Protection Guide
  • To The Nines by Jennifer Chong
  • Equine Science by Jean T. Griffiths
  • Safe Horse Safe Rider by Jessie Haas
  • USPC Guide to Bandaging Your Horse by Susan E. Harris
  • USPC Guide to Longeing and Ground Training by Susan E. Harris
  • USPC Guide to Conformation, Movement and Soundness by Susan E. Harris
  • The Equine Foot by Fran Jurga
  • Hunter Seat Equitation by George H. Morris
  • Centered Riding by Sally Swift
  • Riding to Hounds in America by William P. Wadsworth, MFH
  • Allen Illustrated Guide to Saddlery
  • Allen Illustrated Guide to Training Aids by Hilary Vernon
  • Allen Illustrated Guide to Horse Clothing by Hilary Vernon
  • Allen Illustrated Guide to Bits and Bitting by Hilary Vernon
  • Horse Breeds of the World by Niclola Jane Swinney
  • Horse Health Care and First Aid
  • Horse Care for Kids
  • Horses Make Good Neighbors
  • Grooming to Win
  • Horse Owner’s Guide Field Guide to Toxic Plants
  • Horse Anatomy

Links for Pony Club Publications:

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