PVPC 2014/2015 Unmounted Curriculum

NOVEMBER-Stable Management, Land Conservation, Record Books, and Conditioning

  • Home work:D’s outline of recommended book/Refine record book/ Refine PC notebook                          C’s outline of recommended book/ Write a lesson plan for First Aid and Foot & Shoeing
  • Reading: Pick a book from the Pony Club Recommended reading list
  • Dressage Homework: Find and watch Dressage videos
  • Member Instruction: D2/D3 Present Land Conservation for your next rating level                                  C-A Teach Stable Management

DECEMBER-Breeds, Parts, Conformation, Lameness, Christmas Party

  • Homework: D’s rough draft of book report/refine lesson plan/rough draft of conditioning schedule           C’s rough draft of book report/refine lesson plan/rough draft condition schedule
  • Reading:D’s read/print online freestyle rules (dressage) and a nutrition article                                         C’s read/print online Freestyle rules and two vaccination and deworming articles. Watch Freestyle dressage videos
  • Dressage Homework: Identify movements for your freestyle
  • Member Instruction: D2/D3 Present a breed for each of the USPC horse sports                                     C-A Evaluate D record  books

JANUARY-Guest Speaker :Nutrition, Vaccination & De-worming/ Sample Pas de Deux tests/ USDF Training                    Pyramid (Stony)

  • Homework: D’s refine book report/ refine conditioning schedule/ rough draft letter                               C’s refine book report/ rough draft book presentation/ refine lesson plan/ refine conditioning schedule/ rough draft Wet Lab thank you letter
  • Reading: D’s read/print online Pas de Deux rules and foot anatomy article. Watch Freestyle dressage videos                                                                                                                                                              C’s read/print online Pas de Deux rules and two shoeing articles.  Watch Freestyle dressage videos
  • Dressage Homework: Create a Freestyle rough draft and select music
  • Instruction: none

FEBRUARY-Foot & Shoeing/ First Aid

  • Homework: D’s & C’s rough draft vaulting thank you letter and rough draft stall card
  • Reading: D’s & C’s read a book from QUIZ reading list. Watch Pas de Deux
  • Dressage Homework: Refine Freestyle and create a rough draft Pas de Deux and select music
  • Instruction: D2/D3 present your Freestyle Test                                                                                          C-A teach Foot and Shoeing lesson/ First Aid lesson

MARCH- Quiz Prep

  • Homework: D’s refine vaulting thank you letter and refine stall cards                                                         C’s refine vaulting thank you letter and refine stall cards. Create two D2/D3 Quiz questions
  • Reading: D’s & C’s read a book from the QUIZ reading list and watch Dressage exercises videos
  • Dressage Homework: Refine your Pas de Deux
  • Instruction: D2/D3 & C-A present your Pas de Deux test



PVPC 2013/2014 Unmounted Curriculum

November – Foot and Shoeing
Individual Assignment
Guest Speaker – Reese DeSmet

December – Christmas Party + Record Books
Bring your record book to be reviewed
10 Minute Presentations on Rulebooks.

January – Conditioning and Conformation
Bring a Conditioning Schedule with feeding to be reviewed.
Isabelle & all D-1/UR to present the conditioning portion.
No Individual Assignment

February – Nutrition and Disease
Bring Record Book
Emily, Lisa, Truman, Maren to Present the Nutrition Portion.
No Individual Assignment
*Bring Record Books
*Bring Conditioning Schedule For Horse
*Emily & Lisa (Main Organizers for This Month)
Maren, Truman, & Carter­Topics Assigned by Emily & Lisa
After Big Presentation:
Next Months Example of 2 Minute Presentation (Rabies)
Pictionary– Secret Topic and Prizes for Winners

March – Vet, Deworming, Vaccination, TPR
Individual Assignment
Guest Speaker

2-minute presentations
Give a 2 Minute Verbal Presentation with a 1 page report
Report should include:
Name (common and scientific)
Symptoms (TPR, mucus membranes, etc.)
Transmission (other species?, modes of infection, snot, airborne, water,etc.)
Cause (virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.)
Life Cycle if has one outside of horse
Prevention (vaccines, quarantine, etc)
Prognosis/Treatment (treatments, when to call vet, mortality rates, permanent damage)
Picture of a Horse with Disease

Topics: First Come First Choice (You must choose at or above your HM Certificate Level)
D­1: Pink Eye, Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis, Ringworm
D­2: Pneumonia, Rhinopneumonitis, Eastern Equine
Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus
D­2: Western Equine Encephalomyelitis, Botulism, Potomac
Horse Fever
C­1: Venezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis, Equine Infectious
Anemia, Tetanus
C­2: EPM, Anthrax, West Nile, Strangles

Vet, Deworming, Vaccination
* Bring Record book.
* Bring your own dressage test (will be used as your evaluation ride in the first mounted meeting). It must include all the movements required at your rating and preferably at the rating above you.
* Guest Speaker
* Individual 2 Minute Briefs

April – Quiz Prep.
Kids Team Vs. Adult Team (Stony the Judge)
Ran like “So You Want to Be A Millionaire)

Quiz Prep
* Bring PC Notebook w/ all unmounted lesson information in it.
* Bring Record book.
* Bring Conditioning Schedule for first planned mounted rally of the year (or D Camp if no plans) and an evaluation including a picture of your horse now.
* Bring a group designed Paux-de-deux or Quadrille with the appropriate number of other members in cooperation. Each member must have a copy. You and friends will ride this until you get all > 5′s.
* Kids team vs. adults team. I will be judge. Run similar to “So you want to be a Millionaire” merged with regular Quiz

May – Longing & Bandaging

Archived Unmounted Lessons

2012 Unmounted Lessons

  1. s02e01 Parts of the saddle and bridle, bridle fit, bits, land conservation, and grooming
  2. s02e02 Parts of the horse, breeds, colors, markings, and conformation
  3. s02e03 Quiz Jeopardy
  4. s02e04 Veterinarian, teeth, nutrition, vaccinations, and deworming
  5. s02e05 Travel Safety, boots, and bandaging
  6. s02e06 Temperature, Pulse, and respiration

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