Games Day Invitational 2015

After all of the hard work of instruction, drilling, more practice, rally prep and going to rallies we enjoy celebrating the end of the season with a Games Day Invitational.  It is one of the times that we are able to open the club up to non-members and parents to join in the fun.  This year we experimented with some new games from the USPC Games Rule Book and kept some of our old favorites to have possibly the best games day yet!

Mom's pictures 005

Egg and Spoon Race

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Even the “Big Kids” love the Egg and Spoon Race!







One of our new favorites is the Balloon Race. It involves teams of four riders racing around a pole, handing off a lance to teammates and the best part…popping balloons on horseback. It was terrific fun!

The Balloon Race

The Balloon Race


Pole bending is always a perennial favorite.  The matches and re matches went on and on.  Both horses and riders has great fun!

Pole Bending

Pole Bending


Mom's pictures 136

More fun with Pole Bending






Another new favorite was the Hurdle Race.  Anything that involves getting wet has to be fun!  The game involves teams of four riders with riders dismounting, handing their ponies to their teammate whilst they go over and under hurdles lined with cups of water, remounting and dashing to the line to switch team members.  Fastest team wins!


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